• General Handling
    Materials handling is a demanding physical activity that requires workers to deal with the risk of a multitude of injuries and accidents... Learn more
  • MinING
    The risks to which miners are exposed are well known and include ever-present dangers due to dust, fire, explosions... Learn more
  • Construction & Demolition
    Demanding work postures such as torsions, squatting, arms in the air, handling heavy loads for a good part of the day... Learn more
  • Aluminum Smelters and Other
    The aluminum industry is confronted with a common problem: elimination of surplus alumina and baths (solids and powders) below the electrolysis vats... Learn more
  • Metros & Railways
    Metro expansion projects and the aging of existing infrastructures point to the renovation of Metro stations in... Learn more
    Working underground entails a high risk of accidents, mainly because of the small confined spaces, the deafening noise... Learn more
  • Petrochemistry
    Handling and transportation of heavy loads is quite common in the petrochemical industry. Since production operations are generally carried out continuously... Learn more
  • Building Services
    Building services workers are exposed to numerous hazards including musculoskeletal problems due to the fact that they lift heavy objects... Learn more