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Our remote-controlled electric vehicles reduce health and safety risks for operators during material-handling operations. Our electric engines provide a range of environmentally friendly advantages such as reduced gas emissions, dust and noise.

Ask one of our experts for advice on which equipment is best suited to your needs, type of application, and line of business.

Our material-handling equipment is great for short-term projects and one-off tasks.

Equipment available for rental:


Due to its convenient size, the Mini-Dozer can easily access hard-to-reach areas both indoors and outdoors. Its battery life allows for continuous operation on multiple shifts.


The Mini-Dozer is ideal for: cleaning underneath conveyors and hard-to-reach areas (tunnels, holes, combustion ovens, gas piping, drinking-water piping), underpinning, cellars and basements, and box culvert and irrigation tunnel cleaning for sediment and debris removal.



The Twin-Track is suitable for material handling in stairs and confined spaces. It can carry heavy loads, power generators, building materials, industrial and commercial maintenance equipment, manufacturing equipment, etc.

It is designed for material handling in stairs and confined spaces for the following industries: material handling, building services (CVAC), construction and demolition, underground works, railway transport, etc.


This hydraulic lifting system, which can be installed on a Twin-Track, facilitates management and transport of waste such as concrete, ceramic, gypsum, and tiles on construction sites, train and subway stations, underground works and asbestos removal.

The Greengo is perfect for demolishing and renovating public, industrial and institutional buildings, subways, train stations and airports, sports facilities, etc.


The Cross-Country is designed for outdoor works and easy access of hard-to-reach places such as hilly terrain, and rear lots, regardless of the type of terrain, material or slope steepness.


Telescopic Crawler Crane

The Mini Telescopic Crane on tracks with outriggers can move heavy loads both indoors and outdoors. It is also the only telescopic crane on electric tracks able to climb stairs.

This equipment facilitates handling and maintenance operations involving heavy loads, such as power generators and concrete blocks, in stairs and hard-to-reach areas.


  • Carry out short-term projects
  • Most recent model usually offered
  • User training available

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